DC Electronic Load Comparison Table
  63600 Series 6310A Series 63200 Series
  63600 dc electronic load 6310a dc electronic load 63200 dc electronic load
Max Power Range Up to 2000W Up to 1200W Up to 15.6 W Parallelable to +40KW
Max No. of Outputs 10 8 1
Max Current 300A 240A 1000A
Operating Range* 0-500V 0-500V 0-500V
Modes of Operation CC, CR, CV, CP, CZ CC, CR,CV CC, CR, CV, CP
CC Accuracy 0.1% + 0.1%FS 0.1% + 0.1% FS 0.1% + 0.2% FS
CR Accuracy 0.1% 0.35%
CV Accuracy 0.05% + 0.1%FS 0.05% + 0.1% FS
CP Accuracy 0.3%FS 2%FS 0.5% + 0.5% FS
Dynamic Mode To 50KHz To 20KHz
Max Slew Rate (di/dt) 8A/µS 10A/µS 25A/µS
Dynamic Paralleling Yes Yes Yes
Special Features Const CZ modeDigitized V&I
Flexible CC, CR, CP and CV operation modes External loading waveform simulation.
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